Frequently Asked Questions

Our Guarantee
  1. "100 % Customer Satisfaction" has always been our motto from the beginning and we have proudly stood behind our guarantee. A happy customer is a repeat customer not to mention the best kind of advertising that we ask for!

  2. "What we get is what you get" which is nothing less than the best quality products on the market such as: "Black Mac" Liquid Asphalt Oil-Based Sealer. This product is available only to commercial contractors like ourselves. We have never tampered with our sealer in order to "stretch it out" as some fly-by-night companies have been known to do.

  3. Competitive Rates resulting in acquiring thousands of satisfied customers over the course of our 16 years of being in business(Since 2003).

  4. Speedy Service by Certified Seal Coaters to serve you better!
  • High pressure spray sealing of driveways & commercial parking lots
  • Hot rubberized crack filling
  • Hot asphalt garage door ramps or lips
  • Hot asphalt curb-side entrance lips
  • Hot asphalt re-surfacing (overlay) on older driveways
  • Hot asphalt paving of new driveways + parking lots
  • Oil patch Cut-Outs
  • Pot hole repairs (Hot or cold asphalt)
  • Depression filling (Hot or cold asphalt)
  • Liquid pour crack filling
  • Oil spot neutralizing
  • Gas leak repairs
  • Interlock repairs & installation (Since 2008 season)

Applying oil-based sealer once a year will prolong the life of your driveway immensely, which is more important than the cosmetic aspect! Asphalt is a porous material. It is very important to protect your asphalt driveway from the penetration of water, oil, gas or other vehicle fluid spills and from overall wear and tear damage caused by our harsh weather conditions. Neglecting to apply an oil-based sealer on a new driveway will allow water to penetrate the asphalt. When the ground freezes in winter, the water saturated soil under your driveway will heave in areas where your asphalt may be thinner and thus weaker and more susceptible to cracking. An even more important reason is that a well-maintained driveway increases the resale value of your property!

You should have it sealed within the first year of it being paved. After three months, the chemicals in the asphalt start to break down with the sun’s UV rays. Without sealer, your driveway is vulnerable to various means of damage.

We recommend that you wait 24- 48 hours before driving on it. If you wait the recommended time we can guarantee it against tracking or staying sticky.

If the temperature is consistently above 20 degrees Celsius and if it has not rained anytime after the driveway has been sealed, we recommend wetting it down with cold water for approximately 10 to 20 minutes. This procedure should be done on the following morning prior to driving on it. The reason for doing this is to cool down the driveway which tends to hold the sun’s heat. By doing so, you can help speed up the curing process. ** We refer to this as the “Hot / Cold Effect”, utilizing Mother Nature’s “hot sun / cold water” to guarantee the best results for you. **

As long as the pavement is dry at the time of application, it will be fine. Since our product “Black Mac” is oil-based and is a derivative composition of Liquid Asphalt, the same material used in the mixing of asphalt, it is designed to penetrate and blend into the pavement immediately. Therefore, it can rain within seconds after it has been sprayed with absolutely no harmful affect, because oil and water do not mix. As a matter of fact it can be most beneficial. (**Review Question Above **)

We recommend once a year to extend the life of your driveway. If you miss a year don’t fret, just make sure you to get it done as soon as possible.

Cracks in asphalt are your worst enemy. Water gets into these cracks and erodes the granular base beneath your asphalt. It will freeze in the winter and cause it to buckle. We provide a base and fill the cracks with special filler to ensure no more water will penetrate the surface.

Chevrier Group - utilizes “Black Mac” oil-based sealer EXCLUSIVELY! It is superior to any and all consumer-grade products available to the consumer. “Black Mac” is a derivative composition of Liquid Asphalt and is designed to penetrate into and seal your driveway properly. Black Mac” oil-based sealer won’t streak, chip, layer, crack or peel as most acrylic (water-based) sealers do. Our sealer is applied with high pressure spray, resulting in deep penetration, not just a surface paint job, which is what you get when you roll it on. By the time you calculate the costs of doing it yourself, not to mention the time involved, our question to you is, “Isn’t your money better spent by getting us at OttawaDrivewayExperts to seal your driveway professionally. “Black Mac” oil-based sealer is not available to you, the consumer.

No, this is not true. “Black Mac” oil-based sealer is guaranteed not to track as long as the guidelines are properly followed in regards to drying time.

Yes, we have group discounts available when there are three or more driveways sealed or paved on the same street, on the same day. Each customer is entitled to a discount of up to a maximum of 25%, depending on the number of driveways participating in the group. However, advance arrangements are necessary in order for discounts to apply! The "group organizer" will be entitled to receive an additional discount for his or her efforts for organizing the group, including obtaining each customer's contact information. Since each driveway is unique and usually requires different needs, each customer will receive their own estimate and/or invoice indicating their specific details of the scope of work required.

We also have a shared driveway discount!          Note: This discount cannot be combined with any other promotional offer available!

Oil will eat away the asphalt causing crumbling and eventually a pothole. To prevent further damage, we use a special, commercial grade, oil spot primer to neutralize the oil spots before applying the sealer thereby preventing the spots from reappearing and also making sure that the sealer bonds properly to the driveway. When there are fewer than 10 spots, we will offer this service at no charge. However there is a nominal fee when there are more.

This service also comes with a guarantee not to reappear!

Oil patches cause even more serious and rapid deterioration effects than do oil spots when it comes to causing crumbling and soon a pothole. Any large concentration of oil tends to soften the asphalt, thus breaking down its chemical bonding capabilities and durability. We can use an oil spot primer to neutralize the patch, however it has been our experience that doing so is only a waste of time and money. Our recommendation is for you to have us cut out the oil patch and replace that portion of asphalt with new.

We air-sweep with a high powered backpack gas blower as well as broom sweep all debris and clean out all the cracks. We also remove any weeds growing along the edges and at the bottom of the driveway. Grass overgrowth can severely damage the edges of your asphalt driveway or parking lot. We have special equipment that we utilize to remove or cleanup the grass overgrowth. we call this service the "Icing on the Cake". It is a dirty job but the final result Is extraordinarily aesthetically pleasing, clean cut edges of your freshly sealed asphalt. By Having Chevrier Group - perform this special service your asphalt is sealed right up to the true edge of your asphalt.

We do a lot of parking lots with our product, which is an oil-based sealer. You never see an acrylic sealer on a commercial application. This is because acrylic sealer doesn’t have the same wear ability as does an oil-based sealer. If you only want a paint job done to your driveway, use acrylic. But if you are seeking to protect and properly seal your driveway, use our services, because we at OttawaDrivewayExperts use “Black Mac” oil-based sealer EXCLUSIVELY!

Yes we do!  We have separate specialty crews for our paving, landscaping and interlock divisions.

It is good policy to advise your neighbors that there may be some noise and dust while the work is taking place. This will allow them to close any windows or remove clothing from the line etc.. You should also ensure that all gates are accessible.

No, absolutely not! Our professional staff are 100% responsible for ensuring everything is done properly and legally.