Prolong your garage foundation with a garage lip:

garage lip
garage lip

If you existing driveway has sunk where it meets your garage floor, it is very important that you have it fixed as soon as possible. Having a garage lip done will provide the proper slope to allow water to drain away from your garage foundation. Waiting to long
to fix the issue could lead to the following problems:

The gap between the concrete floor and asphalt driveway opens up, leaving a gap accessible to water and rain. Water seeps into the gaps during summer, causing the driveway stone base to dissipate resulting in the sinking of the driveway, eventually sloping towards the foundation. This causes more water to drain into the foundation area.

Water always flows to the low lying depressed areas at the gararge door and seeps underneath the asphalt. As the weather turns cold and the ground freezes, the frost expansion causes the asphalt to heave and buckle.

Water freezing under the concrete floor during winter will expand and your concrete floor will crack. A concrete floor cannot be properly repaired without replacement. This is very costly compared to the low cost of putting in a garage lip.